Pro-Palestine group targets Twickenham Stadium with red paint

Paint on wall of Twickenham Stadium
Image caption,Pro-Palestinian activists sprayed the Twickenham Stadium with red paint

Red paint was daubed over walls at Twickenham Stadium in west London in protest of an arms conference taking place at the venue, a pro-Palestine group has said.

The Met Police said officers were alerted at 01:20 on Monday and four people were seen running from the scene.

The paint was sprayed ahead of the International Armoured Vehicles conference, which began later on Monday.

Protest group Palestine Action said on its website that it was behind the move to protest arms sales to Israel.

Pro-Palestine protestors outside Twickenham Stadium
Image caption,A demonstration was held outside the conference

The phrase “Free Gaza” was written on the wall and police said paint-filled fire extinguishers had Palestine Action written on them.

A Met Police spokesperson said no arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing.

Pro-Palestinian Activists held a protest outside the conference once it had begun.

The Rugby Football Union and conference organisers have been contacted to comment.

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